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Relieving Pain & Stress Through Touch

Massage Therapy is a successful tool for healing and has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. In adults as well as in babies, massage therapy yields many benefits for preventive healthcare as well as stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to aide in the recovery from trauma, depression, pain and physical or emotional stresses.

There is a balance in everything. People are now more aware of more natural ways to take care of themselves. They are eating more natural foods and turning to more natural therapies like Massage Therapy.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Physical benefits: Deep relaxation & stress reduction, relief of muscle tension, improved blood circulation, and improved posture; these are some of the benefits from visiting a trained massage therapist. Enhanced immune system function. Increased joint mobility & flexibility. Reduction of pain and optimal growth & development

Who Can Benefit From Massage

Sports Massage for Athletes :

Improve performance and alertness necessary for competition with a regiment of therapeutic massage and reduce the risk of injury.

Massage for Pain Relief :

Pain is a sensation of discomfort, distress or suffering due to irritation of or stimulation of sensory nerves that can be relieved by a massage therapist.

Massage for Pregnant Women:

Wanting to relieve some of the stress experienced during pregnancy including strain on the spine & lower extremities. A body massage can also be a time of relaxation & emotional relief.

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